Istanbul University Edirne Faculty of Medicine was founded in 1974 and the foundation of the Faculty buildings was laid in Edirne , in 1976. The faculty took its first students in the 1974-1975 academic year and it had been operating as Istanbul University Edirne Faculty of Medicine  within the body of Cerrahpaşa Medicine Faculty in İstanbul until 1982. It was affiliated to Trakya University, which was established in 1982 with the Decree Law No. 41 and  in the same year, it  moved to Edirne with 20 faculty members and a small number of administrative staff. The Faculty of Medicine , having academic staff which consists of the founding Rector of Trakya University Dr. Ahmet KARADENİZ and Dean of Faculty Dr. İsmet DÖKMECİ, together with 3 professors, 8 associate professors and 7 assistant professors, opened a 50-bed hospital in Edirne State Hospital in June 1983. Since the academic year 1982-1983, the education and training services of the students has started to provide health services in Edirne. In 1976, some of the buildings having been laid was completed  quickly  in 1984 and  the Dean's Office and two departments were moved to these buildings. In 1986, when the policlinics and services were completely separated from Edirne State Hospital and moved to its own building, education and health services were started to be provided in their own buildings. At the end of 1999, the construction of the hospital building  which has a usage area of ​​105.000 m2  was completed and opened for service,  with the opening of the Basic Sciences Building  consisting of 2 blocks, the education and training fields expanded at the end of 1998.
As of 2019, the Faculty has a 45-year history as Edirne Medical Faculty and a 37-year history as Trakya University Medical Faculty. The academic staff  have consisted of 218 professors, 118 professors, 29 associate professors, 71 doctor lecturers, 13 lecturers and 415 research assistants; the faculty has increased the number of scientific publications, has completed the necessary equipment for student education, has become a position to provide health care in almost all major branches of medicine. Due to the increase in student quotas in our faculty in parallel with the physician needs of our country and the insufficient capacity of the halls in our current amphitheater,  the construction of  Dr.Ratip Kazancıgil Classroom Building, which was started to be constructed in 2014, was completed on 27.11.2015 and the training was started after the opening.
While there were 3 divisions and 26 divisions in its establishment,  now there are 42 departments with subsequently divided into two or newly established departments and all of them are in operation. There are a total of 30 disciplines established under the department and there are subspecialty trainings in 10 disciplines.
Accreditation certificate were received  in 2010 in Cardiology Department, in 2011 in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department and in 2018 in Orthopedics and Traumatology Department.
Our faculty made reference to the Assessment and Accreditation Association for the Undergraduate Medical Education Program National Medical Education Accreditation  in the year of 2017-2018 training period and after the evaluation of the Accreditation Board for Undergraduate Medical Education in Turkey, it  accredited  until 01.01.2024, determining that it meets the National Standarts and Accreditation Certificate was delivered to our institution with the ceremony held on 31 May 2018.
As well as our faculty, taking into consideration the geographical location, serves the whole country and Thrace Region , it  has set its goals to develop scientific cooperation with neighboring countries and has activities in this field.